Bis (buses) are the most common means of public transportation in Jakarta. There are a large number of bus companies servicing routes in Jakarta. Many of the larger buses seat 25-40 people. Fare for regular bus is currently Rp 1200/trip, while for the air conditioned bus (Mayasari or Patas AC) is Rp 3.500/trip. For airport transfer, except taxis, Damri buses are also reliable.
The bus number and start/end points of each bus route are visible at the front of the bus. Inter-city buses to major cities in Java and Sumatra are stationed in the central bus terminals – Pulo Gadung, Kampung Rambutan, Lebak Bulus, Blok M, and Kota.

Busway: The fast busses on a special busway have been operated to accommodate passengers working in busy business areas (Blok M-Kota via Jalan Sudirman). The busway is also well-connected to major railway stations.

Just visit the website of Trans Jakarta ( anytime you need information on trans jakarta schedules and ticket fares.



A commuter train (kereta api) runs regularly from Jakarta to Bogor via Depok. It is a cheap transport of the masses.
Trains to other major cities on Java leave from Gambir, Senen and Jatinegara stations. Some trains are bookable in advance. Trains have been a comfortable transportation for inter-city travel with reasonable price. Just visit the website of Indonesian Railways ( anytime you need information on train schedules and ticket fares.
Taxis are easily found almost everywhere in the streets of Jakarta. Taking a taxi could be as reliable as using a personal car. At ‘flag fall’ the meter (argo) starts at Rp 5,000 (for regular taxi).