Prof.Dr. der Soz. Gumilar Rusliwa Somantri

Prof.Dr. der Soz. Gumilar Rusliwa Somantri
Rector of Universitas Indonesia
was appointed as Rector of Universitas Indonesia since August 2007. He was previously Dean of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences for two consecutive periods (2002-2006, and 2006-2012). Previously, he served as member of the university’s Board of Trustees and Academic Senate.Universitas Indonesia is one of the oldest and largest comprehensive universities in Indonesia and since the year 2000, it receives the status of autonomous university. Located in 312 hectares of greeneries in Depok and a historical campus in Jakarta, Universitas Indonesia is a vibrant academic community that offers Indonesian and international students and staff an experience of knowledge, environment, technology, and Indonesian culture and hospitality.


As a rector, his vision is to bring Universitas Indonesia as a world class research university and further expand the university’s national and international standing. His strategies to achieve this vision are based on principles of integration, excellence, and entrepreneurship. He would like to see integration in university management and a strong management performance at all levels. He also hopes to strengthen the university’s excellence in science, technology as well as arts and culture. To face the demand of an autonomous university, he puts strong emphasis for the university to be enterprising. These efforts must contribute to the advancement of the nation as the future of Universitas Indonesia is the future of the nation. Access to excellent higher learning education for young talented Indonesian students is also his prime concern. There have been programmes to encourage these bright students to enjoy Universitas Indonesia’s high quality education.

In addition, he has a strong determination to level up the university reputation from improving the management to increasing research profile. Partnerships with top universities are also his top priorities. He wishes to have more collaborations with partner universities and institutions and is very supportive for the university’s internationalization efforts.

As a scholar, Gumilar is Professor of Urban Sociology. He has done extensive researches in the areas of social changes, social development and democratization. His main academic interest has been the issues of globalization, urbanization, and poverty alleviation in Southeast Asia. Graduated from Universitaet Bielefeld, Germany, he has been visiting scholars in Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan. He is also member of International Urban Anthropological Association, The International Communitarian Society and Indonesian Sociology Association. He is the author of numerous journal articles, book chapters, and technical reports.

Married to Nenden D.Y.W Wasita Kusumah, Gumilar is a happy father of 3 children.

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