Dining Guide

Having an International menu for meal is great. Just Great, but not Decent, Not even Memorable. Then, boost your taste and enhanced your life with these local traditional foods :
  • Gago-gado; Cold steamed vegetables, tofu, and TEMPE with peanut sauce
  • Martabak (Sweet Pizza). Stuffed Indian pancake in one of two flavors: sweet martabak, which are sweet, or martabak telor (egg martabak), which are egg pancakes filled with meat. The sweet version may contain condensed milk, cheese, chocolate, sesame seeds, or sticky black rice.
  • Nasi Uduk. Rice cooked in coconut milk and fragrant pandan leaves topped with fried shallots. This is a traditional Betawi (native Jakarta) dish, but can be found throughout Indonesia.
  • Opor Ayam. Chicken cooked in coconut milk (ayam means chicken)
  • Sate (Satay). Beef, chicken, or goat meat skewered on bamboo sticks and roasted over a small grill. It is accompanied by peanut sauce or a sweet soy sauce with hot green peppers and shallots. Be sure to ask for all meat or you may end up with fat or chicken livers
  • To settle down the hotty weather of Jakarta, try Es Campur (mixed ice), Es Cendol, Es Doger and so on